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Check out some of the web and mobile products we've built for our clients. But don’t just take it from us - please read the detailed testimonials and ratings on different aspects of our work from our happy customers.



The ConnectVictoria app marks the beginning of an era of Smart City and will make it easier for Victoria residents to access information about their city from their mobile device. 

This app lets users submit service requests (GPS tagged with photos) directly from their mobile device. It displays events happening in the city and allows users to add them to their calendar. There's a dedicated section to show the latest news updates, careers, media releases etc from City of Victoria. This app and our studio got coverage on CTV News and Times Colonist.

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PetVibe is like Facebook for pets! It was created for pet lovers as a place to expand the pet community in a safe and fun online environment. PetVibe allows users to learn, connect and share with other pet owners, and help them have the best possible pet ownership experience.

The app offers a number of useful features like social media posts, private messaging, meet-ups, events, pet sharing & fostering, business services etc. 

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USED.CA was founded in 2003 with the vision that an effective, free, online marketplace for the sale of used goods. We developed native iOS & Android app to give the users an ability to post an ad, set alerts, view all the ads based on various criteria, real time chatting via Twilio, notifications, ad-upgrade functionality via in-app purchase, geo-filtering and clustering, extensive searching and filtering based on prices, locations, categories and many more. 

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Environmental Assessment App

The purpose of this app is to provide Compliance Officers with the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) a tool that can be use while in the field/ on-site that will integrate with work product in EPIC. This app will provide officers with the ability to collect data from a site that will be used to complete Inspection Reports. It will allow users to create inspections ’on-the-fly’ and in offline mode and can be connected to project data after the fact. This app will focus on the collection of photos, inspector notes, and geographic coordinates.

EAO inspections app

BCHighways App

BCHighways app is a traffic and driving-condition reporting app for BC Highways. Before you leave home, it shows you about issues on your route and live feeds from webcam. 

By using information gathered from DriveBC open 511, BCHighways app helps you avoid driving issues and gets you to where you’re going safely with informative, real-time updates. 

The completely free app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

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Garage is a shared parking app (iOS, Android, Web) that lets you rent your parking spot when you are not using it. Listing your parking spot is as easy. The parking owners add an address and upload a picture of the spot. Then, they can choose the price they want to charge for their spot on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

For renters, the app shows all available parking spots near their area. They can book the spot ahead of time and can make payments using your credit card (STRIPE integration).

Use parking spot when you need it. Make money when you don't.

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live Care connect

Livecare Connect

Livecare Connect™ Telehealth Platform can improve a clinic’s practice efficiency, patient satisfaction & schedule flexibility. Connect provides a high-quality, easy to use video conferencing platform that can integrate smoothly into any healthcare practice.

The app (web, iOS, Android) is simple and intuitive interface that allows users to schedule a visit and uses Oscar EMR plugin for integrated scheduling and visit documentation. A medical grade, high definition video provides the clearest images. It fulfills national healthcare security standards (PIPA & FIPAA Compliant).



Using Beacon technology, the VanWineFest app lets festival attendees know which wine exhibitors and vintages are on display. In addition to providing detailed information about specific wineries and wines, the app allows users to take notes, order and rate wines, and share wine ideas with friends. The app also enables wineries to contact users after the event with more information and special offers. 

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Ziggie provides a curated marketplace for customers, suppliers and social impact partners. One can open a "Changemaker Account" which means every purchase generates 5 – 20% of the retail price to their personal account called “My Changemaker Account”.

By opening "Changemaker Account", one can direct these funds to any number of worthwhile causes offered by the social impact partners to improve lives.



ChatterBlock is designed specifically for families. It allows users to discover exciting family events happening in their city; browse schedules of camps and classes; and search the directory of kid-friendly businesses. The app’s filters and interactive maps connect you to specific activities close by, helping you make the most of family time. 



The Dike Inspection and Dam Inspection mobile apps offer a convenient, easy-to-use solution that allows inspectors to complete inspections and send reports digitally. The apps automate the list of various checks and comments completed by inspectors on standard paper forms, allowing inspectors to immediately complete, file, and send an inspection report to their supervisors or engineering teams. The Dike Inspection and Dam Inspection applications use GPS to record the time and location of each inspection, ensuring traceability and full compliance with the inspection process.

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TradeShowPro is a comprehensive events app designed to help you navigate and track your experience at a trade show. It registers specific information about featured booths and seminars at a trade show as you approach exhibitors (thanks to iBeacon technology), and allows you to submit orders on the spot or keep track of favourites. The app also allows exhibitors to contact attendees after the show with additional information and special offers. This free app can be downloaded prior to or during the event. 


HealingHub helps caregivers manage and track daily treatment plans by keeping organized with checklists, reminders and detailed reports, all while improving communication with family and healthcare teams. HealingHub supports mind, body, and spirit integrative care by encouraging users to manage, schedule, and track natural medicines and therapies, spiritual practice, exercise, nutrition, and emotional well-being.

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Grease build-up and expensive cleaning services can be avoided through the efficient monitoring of grease discharge at the source. However, the grease inspection process leaves a lot to be desired. In the absence of precise and up-to-date information, municipal inspectors face challenges to maintaining desired levels of control and carrying out accurate inspections. 

Source Compliance offers inspection and monitoring tools for waste haulers and municipal inspectors to view waste generator locations and track individual grease interceptors for regulatory compliance. All data is permanently stored and readily available for co-relation between sewer incidents, grease interceptor locations, and service history.

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BoatSenze is location-centric iBeacon-enabled app that allows users to find boat retailers, browse product listings, and make direct inquiries. The app greets users with personalized branding messages when they are in close proximity to a boat sales office, thereby allowing retailers to generate greater customer engagement. 

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Pruvit is a unique rugged inspection tablet and app designed for contractors, subcontractors, and other professionals working in the oil and gas fields. The inspection app utilizes multiple mobile forms, allowing users to complete inspections forms directly on the tablet, make risk assessments, and report on data such as the density of oil and gas, displacement, weight, and more. 





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