Our Values


We're committed to serving up the very best solutions and services to our clients. Forget customer satisfaction, we believe in customer delight!  Whether you’re on our team, or one of our clients, we’re committed to your experience.


We don't believe in isolation. Collaboration is integral our day-to-day both with clients, our team, and our outsourcing partners. We don't believe in a one man show, but in a collective movement of individuals.


Humility is at the heart of our interactions with all our stakeholders. We don't let success go to our heads or let doubt and fear cloud our judgement. If we make a promise, we mean it. Be capable, not overconfident.


When the going gets tough, we go into overdrive. Failure is only one less way of going about something. Our sense of resourcefulness paves the way for innovation and creativity that flows through our people and is reflected in our work.



We approach every task from an evolutionary standpoint. We’re always looking to take what’s good, and make it better. It’s not just in our work, but in our relationships with our stakeholders and our goals.

Our Team

Samarth Mod
Chief Executive Officer

Desmond Brisbin
Sales and Marketing

Tristan Hasselback
Senior Project Manager

Roop Jawl
UI/UX Designer


Selina Ward
Business Analyst

Rafael Lellys
iOS Developer

Jeff McNally-Dawes
Lead Android Developer

Ian Myrfield
Android Developer

Brendan Walker
Web Developer

Meredith Mumby
Web Developer

Adam Dubicki
Backend Developer

Manoj Kumar
QA Analyst

Rohit Boolchandani
Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Parker
HR Manager

Serge Predolin-Yager
Project Coordinator

Tatianna Landry
UI/UX Designer

Harish Chopra
iOS Developer

Amir Shayegh
iOS and Web Developer

Aidan Lang
Android Developer

Kyubin Han
Android & Web Developer


Jiawei Wu
Web Developer

Gyanesh Mishra
Web Developer

Terry Kang
Backend Developer 


Shelly Han
QA Analyst

Brian Snopek
Senior DevOps Engineer

Hazen Fowler
Client Success Manager

Lexi Mills
HR & Admin Assistant

Spencer Read
Project Manager

Alexa Rowe
Business Analyst

Jordan Romero-Porter
iOS Developer

Joelle Blaikie Graphic Designer

Connor Ogilvie
iOS Developer

Justin Ferris
Android Developer

Jaegar Sarauer
Web Developer

Kieran Summerfeldt
Web Developer

Rachit Khare
Backend Developer

JP Bouchard
QA Analyst


Elvin Joseph
UI/UX Designer

James DeGreef
Chief Strategy Officer



Greg Conner
Chief Mentor


Our Founders' Story

After-work networking has been a blessing for a new local software firm that was just recognized as one of the best mobile application developers in Canada.

FreshWorks Studio, named by technology research firm Clutch to a top-10 developers in Canada list based on market presence, portfolio and client satisfaction, can trace its early success to a few networking meetings and a beer-inspired social media conversation with one of its new contacts.

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