Vacation Leave

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FreshWorks is committed to supporting its employees with a work life balance. This policy provides employees with the information they need to plan a leave from work and to understand what paid time off and benefits may be available to them.

The Details

Full time permanent employees are entitled to a vacation leave based on their length of service. The working days between December 25 and December 31 are not part of the annual vacation entitlement, as the office will be closed during this time.

Vacation adjustments occur on the 1st of September each year. Eligible Employees who work less than the full September to August period shall have their vacation entitlement prorated. This prorated amount will be available in Collage. Accrued time off may only be taken after employees complete their probationary period, unless specifically approved by the COO and Human Resources. A maximum of 5 days may be carried forward into the next year if approved by the COO and Human Resources. Vacation benefits do not accrue during any period of extended leave of absence.

Applying for Vacation Leave

The company is flexible in approving time off when doing so would not interfere with the company operations. However, as a general rule, vacations exceeding two working days, employees must give at least three weeks notice. For vacation days not exceeding two working days, employees must give at least 48 hours notice. Vacation days are granted only on a full day or half-day basis. Employee’s must do the following when applying for vacation time

  1. Apply for time off through Collage
  2. Wait for approval via Collage
  3. Update the team on their approved vacation in the “fresh_times” slack channel. Include dates away and availability while away (ex. Will or will not be checking email/Slack)
  4. Send a follow-up reminder about your vacation in the “fresh_times” slack channel 24 hours prior to the vacation date

Additional Information

All FreshWorks policies are living documents. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for revision regarding this policy, please contact Human Resources at  

Revision History

Established October 27, 2017


This policy applies to all employees of FreshWorks Studio Inc.