Executive Summary

The Fraser Health Authority is one of five regional health authorities in B.C. working together with the Ministry of Health. They provide high quality, appropriate and timely health services to more than 1.8 million people living in communities stretching from Burnaby to White Rock to Hope.

Together with the Fraser Health Authority, FreshWorks developed UseSafer, an application that assists in the fight against the drug overdose crisis. It acts as a tool to help alert emergency services when a user has potentially overdosed and aims to decrease the emergency services response time significantly.


The Features

Set a Timer

The user can set a timer when they decide to consume. Should the user not disable the alarm within 30 seconds he is believed to potentially have overdosed.

Type of Drug

When planning to consume, the user can select the type of drug to be consumed. This information will be forwarded in case of a potential overdose to better assist with medical treatment.

Trusted Friends

The user can add up to three trusted friends (name and phone number) that will be contacted in the case of a potential overdose.

Share Location

The user can enable GPS to share the current location while consuming, so that this location can be forwarded to the trusted friends through text message.

Technologies used:

iOS: Swift 4
Android: Kotlin
Backend: NodeJS
Call & Messaging Framework: Twillio

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