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Since 2014 we have been on a mission to solve problems and create value through remarkable digital experiences. Here are a few things we learned and a few things that happened along the way.

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Mobile App Development

Written by FreshWorks Studio | Oct 5

Kotlin Multiplatform Pros and Cons for App Development

Last year we launched our first commercial app using Kotlin Multiplatform. From that experience we share some pros and cons of this cross-platform app development technology.

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Written by FreshWorks Studio | Aug 10

August FreshWord: FreshWorks is Fourth in Canada

After more successful projects, has just ranked FreshWorks fourth in their Leaders Matrix of Top Canadian App Development Companies. We’ve also been recognized by Instabug, continue to grow our team, and will be moving to a new office very soon.

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Written by Samarth Mod | Nov 8

Promoting Organic App Growth: Lessons from the BCHighways App

When we built the BCHighways App for iOS and Android, we were mostly looking for an opportunity to show off our development expertise. Since we had no intention on monetizing the app, we didn’t plan on any marketing efforts...and here's what happened.

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Written by Samarth Mod | Sep 27

The Times Colonist Features FreshWorks Studio

FreshWorks Studio has been featured in The Times Colonist. We’re excited to be able to share our story of success within the Victoria BC community and share a lesson on how we went from the plucky local startup to one of Canada’s top mobile app developers.

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Written by Samarth Mod | Sep 10

FreshWorks Named in Top 10 Canadian Development Companies

Clutch, a rating firm that validates client reviews, has highlighted FreshWorks Studio as a leader among Canadian app development firms and named us in their Top 10. We’re humbled to see what some of the FreshWorks Studio’s clients had to say.

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Written by Samarth Mod | Jul 12

Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience with a Mobile App

If you are considering a mobile app as part of your business strategy, you should consider the following three things to improve your customer’s digital experience: leverage digital CX enhancement, use data insights to customize the product, and gamification.

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Written by Samarth Mod | Jun 15

WWDC Keynote: What to Expect From iOS 10

This year’s WWDC Keynote from Tim Cook didn’t disappoint, with lots of fun updates, new releases, and a chance for developers to finally access the Siri tech in iOS 10. As always, there is a lot to dig into and unpack, but here are some of the highlights.

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Written by Samarth Mod | Jun 10

FreshWorks CEO Interviewed on Mobile App Platforms

Our founder and CEO Samarth Mod, was interviewed about the merits of developing on a native platform, as opposed to building hybrid apps. Sam was asked by the research firm Clutch to focus much of the interview on Apple’s Xcode and Google’s Android Studio.

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Written by Samarth Mod | Jun 9

Native vs Mobile Web Apps

When trying to decide which would be more suitable for your project - native or web apps - the ultimate decision comes down to the set of features your customers will typically use on their mobile devices. Each platform has its own advantages.

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Written by Desmond Brisbin | May 31

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Besides good references, cost is usually the most important factor for any entrepreneur or organization looking at development partners. We’ll try to give you the info you need to help a competent partner prepare accurate and useful estimates for you.

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Written by Samarth Mod | May 20

Newbie's First Week at FreshWorks Studio

April 29 was the official launch party for FreshWorks Studio, a cross-platform mobile app development company here in Victoria, BC. For FreshWorks, the official launch was a great opportunity to recognize individuals who helped the company get off the ground.

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Written by Samarth Mod | May 6

You Need a Technology Partner, Not Just a Developer

At FreshWorks, we take pride in handling projects where we start with a deep analysis of your business, and then make knowledgeable recommendations regarding the technical scope and development methodologies. We are not just developers, We are your partners.

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