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Since 2014 we have been on a mission to solve problems and create value through remarkable digital experiences. Here are a few things we learned and a few things that happened along the way.

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Written by Shannon Parker | Sep 23

6 Tips to Create an Onboarding Process from Scratch

3 years ago we started out like all new companies - with nothing. Here's what we've learned along the way to create a great onboarding experience for new team members.

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Written by Lexi Mills | May 28

5 Tips on Preparing for a Virtual Interview in Tech

Because of COVID-19 your next tech job hunt might be different than your last. Here’s some tips from a recruiter on how to prepare for a virtual interview.

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Written by FreshWorks Studio | Apr 16

Why FreshWorks?

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Here's why you should be part of our team.

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Written by FreshWorks Studio | Jun 17

BC Wage Subsidy Program

Hey BC business owners - did you know you can partially offset the cost of bringing on new talent to your team? The GT Hiring Solutions Wage Subsidy program is a valuable resource that is not nearly utilized enough. Click to learn more.

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