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Since 2014 we have been on a mission to solve problems and create value through remarkable digital experiences. Here are a few things we learned and a few things that happened along the way.

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Written by Wyatt Matthews | Jul 5

FreshWorks Studio Joins Forces with EY Canada

FreshWorks Studio announces its joining forces with EY Canada. This move expands the reach of both FreshWorks and EY Design Studio to provide a national presence.

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Written by Max Mylashko | May 11

Improving iOS App Launch Time

Improving iOS app launch time is an important and often overlooked detail in the software development process. Don't let performance be an afterthought.

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Written by Qudsia Khan | Apr 2

What Makes a Good Bug Report for a QA Analyst

Bug reporting is an art that requires great communication skills from QA. There are 7 things to remember in order to know what makes a good bug report.

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Written by Shawn Slavin | Oct 1

How Digital Government Promotes Inclusive & Accessible Services

With a focus on Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), digital government services are leveraging modernization to better meet the needs of the people they serve.

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