Sick Leave

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FreshWorks is committed to supporting its employee’s physical and mental health. This policy provides employees with the information they need to understand sick leave and what benefits may be available to them.

The Details

Employees are allotted 5 paid sick days per year as per defined in their employee contract and adjustments occur on the 1st of September each year. Eligible Employees who work less than the full September to August period shall have their sick entitlement prorated. This prorated amount will be available in Collage. Any remaining sick days may not be accumulated or carried forward into the next year.

Applying for Sick Leave

The company requests that employees provide notification through the fresh_times Slack channel as soon as practical when taking a sick day. Employees must input their sick days into Collage within one working day of their sick day. If requested by Human Resources, sick days exceeding three days must be accompanied by a doctor’s note and provided within two working days of their return to work date.

Sick days are only to be used when an employee needs to take time off to address medical or other health concerns. If an employee is at home sick, it is considered a sick day and not a working day. Please review the “Out of Office Policy” for more information on working from home.


All FreshWorks policies are living documents. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for revision regarding this policy, please contact Human Resources at

Additional Information

Established  October 27, 2017


Revision History

This policy applies to all employees of FreshWorks Studio Inc.