Sailing Plan was developed by FreshWorks Studio for Limnology Research Core (LRC) to improve boaters’ safety through modernizing the way small vessel boaters can submit their sailings plan to Marine Communication Traffic Services (MCTS). Previously, a sailing plan was submitted by filling out a downloadable PDF form that then needed to be faxed. The submitted sailing plans were kept in a paper copy in a folder, making it very inefficient to find plans when needed and also near impossible to keep track of which sailing plans should be escalated.

SailingPlan MockUps

The new user-friendly Sailing Plan mobile and web app allows boaters to fill out their sailing plan on their mobile device or online and submit it directly. The user is also able to store and reuse data, such as captain, vessel, and passenger info, for future plans. Additionally, boaters can store their emergency contacts in the app who will be notified in case of plan escalation. Boaters can also submit their proposed route, including way points, using a map feature as part of their sailing plan.

SailingPlan Web Mock Up

The FreshWorks-built web/admin dashboard allows the responsible government agency to access and review sailing plans to check on plan status.

When a boater does not check themselves back in by the estimated arrival time the boater’s emergency contacts are being informed through text and/or email. If the boater has not checked in after one hour of their estimated arrival time, the sailing plan gets escalated and search and rescue is being notified with all information that was provided in the sailing plan submitted by the boater. This allows search and rescue to decrease response time and located the missing boater faster.

The FreshWorks Team behind the Sailing Plan application at the launch event in Victoria in April 2019.

The FreshWorks Team behind the Sailing Plan application at the launch event in Victoria in April 2019.


Tech Stack

iOS: Swift
Android: Kotlin
Frontend: React/Redux
Backend: Node JS
Database: Mongo


Sailing Plan app launch featured on Castanet News.


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