Project Summary

FreshWorks built native iOS and Android applications for individuals that have received an MRI scan from Prenuvo. With this application, scans completed by the business can be shared and viewed via your mobile device. These scans contain a set of images that can be viewed with a number of different filters and MRI's can be viewed frame by frame. The app also allows you to share reports written by the clinician, and includes links to additinal resources. Scans can be downloaded onto the device for easy offline viewing, and the entire application is heavily secured with two-factor authentication and biometric login, ensuring the security of individual's personal health information.


Prenuvo wanted to deliver as much additional value as possible to patients using their app. To help achieve this, we added a news feed to the home screen that contains relevant articles and blog posts related to cancer research and treatment. This app tied into Prenuvo's existing backend architecture to faciliate content and information delivery between technicians, clinicians, and patients.

The app will provide notifications to patients when test results are ready, if test results have been updated, or if someone would like to share their report with you. Patients can share via a QR reader or SMS and allows patients to revoke sharing permissions at any time. If a patients decides to revoke sharing for some reason the scan will automatically be removed from any other person's Prenuvo app that the patient is sharing with.

The app was released in February of 2019 and we are excited to have partnered with this groundbreaking company that is improving on early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. Look out for this company; we expect they will be disrupting the MRI market near you very soon.


Language : Swift 4
Database : KeyChain, DocumentDirectory and UserDefaults
Toolkit : Apple Xcode
Supported Versions : iOS 11.0 and above

Language : Kotlin
Database : Sqlite database
Toolkit : Android studio and sharedPreferences
SDK: Android SDK
Supported Versions : Sdk 21 (LOLLIPOP) and above


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