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LiveCare is a telehealth platform which provides patients access to quality, real-time healthcare, regardless of where they are located.

Project Summary

LiveCare approached FreshWorks with a mission to solve the disparate physician services shortfall in rural communities. The solution was a telehealth web and mobile application which utilizes video conferencing and real time secure instant messaging to provide healthcare from remote locations. LiveCare Connect™ Telehealth Platform can improve a clinic’s practice efficiency, patient satisfaction & schedule flexibility. Connect provides a high-quality, easy to use video conferencing platform that can integrate smoothly into any healthcare practice.

The app (web, iOS, Android) is simple and intuitive interface that allows users to schedule a visit and uses Oscar EMR plugin for integrated scheduling and visit documentation. A medical grade, high definition video provides the clearest images. It fulfills national healthcare security standards (PIPA & FIPAA Compliant). FreshWorks gained experience in the complex policies, processes and security requirements involved in end-to-end development of a telehealth application and can bring this experience into future projects with Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). LiveCare was launched in September 2018.

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