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The Harbour Air pilot app enables the airline to operate more effectively and complies with Transport Canada regulation.

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Project Summary

The Harbour Air LogIt application allows the world’s largest float plane airline to operate more effectively while also being alerted in case of potential compliance issues with Transport Canada regulations. This was an important challenge to overcome with the development of the iPad and web app, as most of the Canadian Aviation Regulations rely on current information with regards to flight and rest times.

The previous process required the Flight Operations team to phone each individual pilot at the end of the day and manually enter the needed data into a spreadsheet that then calculated a variety of things, such as flight duty times. 

The complex paper and Excel process has now been transformed into a web and iPad application.

The web admin panel allows Harbour Air to effectively manage flight operations by creating schedules, sending out notifications to pilots with their flight information for the next day, and keeping track of pilots’ flight times to ensure compliance with Transport Canada regulations.

The iPad app was developed for Harbour Air’s pilots. The application allows pilots to access their logbook, take a look at tomorrow’s flight info (start time, start base, assigned aircraft), and submit the day’s numbers (flight time, air time, etc.) to dispatch. The iPad app will send a reminder push notification if the pilot did not enter flight times at the end of the day. It will also send a push notification with tomorrow’s flight information.

Overall the implementation of the new LogIt application has allowed Harbour Air to reduce the manual work required by the dispatch team and make scheduling decisions more efficiently.

Technologies Used

The Harbour Air pilot iPad app LogIt was developed in Swift and uses React, Redux, PHP, Lumen, and PostgreSQL

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