Out of Office

FreshWorks is committed to supporting its employees with a work life balance. This policy provides employees with the information they need for working out of office, and to understand what benefits may be available to them.

Big Picture

Employees are expected to be in the office from 10:00am PST to 4:00pm PST unless in customer or related meetings. This policy applies to any work that happens outside of the office between 10:00am PST to 4:00pm PST that is not associated with customer or related meetings. The company is flexible in approving time off when doing so would not interfere with the company operations. Out of office work is not permitted unless specifically approved by the COO or Human Resources.

The Details

Requests to work out of office should be made at least one week prior to the requested date when possible.

Employee’s must do the following when applying for out of office time

  1. Apply for Out of Office leave through Collage, sharing your reason and plan through the comments section. 
  2. Wait for approval via Collage
  3. Update the team on their approved out of office in the “fresh_times” slack channel. Include dates away and availability while away (ex. Will or will not be checking email/Slack)
  4. Send a follow-up reminder about your out of office work in the “fresh_times” slack channel 24 hours prior to the vacation date
  5. All completed work must be communicated in the "daily_scrums" Slack channel.

Out of office leaves under one hour do not need approval, but must be communicated in the fresh_times Slack channel. Non work-related office leaves exceeding one hour should be approved by the COO or Human Resources. Once approved, the leave must be posted in the “fresh_times” slack channel on the morning of or day before the leave, whichever is relevant.

Applying for Out of Office

All FreshWorks policies are living documents. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for revision regarding this policy, please contact Human Resources at hr@freshworks.io

Additional Information

Established October 27, 2017


Revision History

This policy applies to all employees of FreshWorks Studio Inc.