MyCogHealth is a research tool to assess cognitive health over time. The mobile application allows participants to join studies, and take surveys throughout their day-to-day, capturing real data in different real-world scenarios. Participants are prompted to complete surveys when they become available. These surveys can contain a series of questions or brain games.

The Web admin panel is a robust tool that researchers can use to create these customizable studies. Researchers can publish multiple studies, create surveys and questions within the studies, and schedule them to occur at specific times. When participants complete the surveys, data is collected in the database. The data can be exported and the researcher can also filter and customize the datasets.

MyCogHealth mobile application mockups by FreshWorks Studio

With this tool, the UVic Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health will be able to easily assess individual cognitive health over a long period of time, and compare individual historical results to an individual’s current results, therefore analyzing age related cognitive decline.

Technologies used:
: Swift, Obective-C
Andriod: Java, Kotlin
Front end: React, Redux,
Backend: NodeJS, MongoDB


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