Anxiety Canada and FreshWorks completely redeveloped the MindShift mobile application for iOS and Android. The app helps manage and decrease anxiety for people of all ages, and is used across the world. Features include sets of relaxation, visualization and mindfulness strategies, check-in tools to monitor physical and mental symptoms, and many other tools utilizing a cognitive behavioural therapy approach. Within the first couple of weeks of its release, Anxiety Canada saw over 40,000 daily users of the app.


The Challenge

Joey (Anxiety Canada), Rohit, and Judith (Anxiety Canada)

Joey (Anxiety Canada), Rohit, and Judith (Anxiety Canada)

When FreshWorks Studio first started working with Anxiety Canada, it was to simply redesign the existing MindShift mobile application. Initially the app was purely informational; however, the information was not logically accessible within the application. The goal of the redesign was to improve user experience while also increasing accessibility to the information available.

Additionally, Anxiety Canada wanted to incorporate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques into the mobile application so that it can be used as an additional therapy tool by its users.


The Solution

During the first stage, the waterfall development approach was used to implement the redesign of the MindShift mobile application. A waterfall approach in software development means that each phase needs to be completed before you can move on to the next step. While this development approach is very straightforward and easy to use, it also comes with a high risk factor, as a usable product does not get delivered until all phases are complete.

The FreshWorks team behind the MindShift mobile application development (from left to right): Connor, Ian, Judy, & Etienne

The FreshWorks team behind the MindShift mobile application development (from left to right): Connor, Ian, Judy, & Etienne

Once the redesign was completed, the agile software development process was applied to the remaining project. FreshWorks worked closely with Anxiety Canada to accurately translate scientifically proven CBT techniques to a mobile application environment.

Throughout the development process there was a lot of learning on both sides. The FreshWorks team was able to teach Anxiety Canada about the technical possibilities of an app, while Anxiety Canada was able to educate FreshWorks on understanding and dealing with an anxiety disorder.


Building something that has a lot more functionality and has a real life impact on people’s lives was very rewarding. I definitely learned a lot throughout this project.

Etienne Stemmet, Full Stack Developer


The Features

MindShift mobile application designed by FreshWorks Studio

Belief Experiments

MindShift coaches you to test your limiting thinking. You get notifications when it’s time to challenge yourself through cognitive exercises.


Keep track of your anxiety and physical symptoms over a period of time through quick, graphical diary journal-style entries.

Quick Relief

When you need anxiety help fast. Convenient resources to: take a breath, shift your thinking, ground yourself, and other quick steps to help you cope in the moment.

Thought Journal

Transform your worries into balanced thoughts via thinking traps.

MindShift mobile application created by FreshWorks Studio

How To Cope

MindShift gives you tips and motivation for making goals to help your anxiety. And, you’ll receive notification reminders keeping you on track.

Coping Cards

Ease your anxiety in the moment by re-adjusting your thinking with helpful coping cards.

Chill Zone

Audio recordings of guided mindfulness meditations to help you get, and stay calm, in the right relaxation headspace.

Behaviourally Based Tools

Interactive games that help you stay motivated to create lasting positive change, including: Facing Fears; Comfort Zone Challenges; and Healthy Habits.


Tech Stack

iOS: Swift
Android: Kotlin
Backend: NodeJS, MongoDB



What’s Next?

The feedback has been very positive, since the launch of the Android and iOS mobile applications. The app saw 40,000 active daily users within the first two weeks of launch and commonly gets referred to people who are struggling with anxiety disorders to further help with their therapy.

Currently, the application is only available in English. However, Anxiety Canada is currently working together with FreshWorks Studio to also implement a French version. In the future, they would like to make the app available in even more languages, so that it can help even more people.


What The Client Is Saying

"They care a lot about their clients being happy.
The new version of the app drew 40,000 active users within the first two weeks of launch. It’s received positive feedback from users, who have recommended it further based on its functionality. FreshWorks Studio offers effective communication and they work with their client’s goals in mind.”

Judith Law, Executive Director, Anxiety Canada

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