March 4, 2019

Meet the Team: Meredith - Front-End Developer and Scrum Master

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve nurtured a fantastic team of growing talent at FreshWorks Studio.  From our humble beginnings, to our near-constant expansion into new products with a growing list of amazing client partners, we’re excited to see what the future holds. And we’re constantly looking to add new members to the mix! But what is it like to work at FreshWorks, and how would our team members describe the experience?

Here’s your chance to gain some insight. Meet Meredith, our Front-End Developer and Scrum Master. She’s here to share insights into FreshWorks and her thoughts on what she thinks the coolest new technology is.

Name: Meredith Mumby

Job: Front-End Developer & Scrum Master

With FreshWorks since? November 2017

Where are you from?

Originally from New Brunswick and went to Memorial University in Newfoundland.

Describe your Job to a 5 year old:

I create a set of instructions that a computer can understand to create something that humans can use.

What’s the most common question people ask you when they find out what you do?

If they’re a technical person, I usually get something like “what language do you code in?” If they’re non-technical, I get anything from “can you fix my printer?” to “can you make me a website or mobile app?”

Biggest challenge for someone in your role:

Being a scrum master and a developer can be conflicting. You just have to know when to wear what hat and be efficient with time management.

What advice would you give anyone interviewing with FreshWorks?

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and the more interviews you do, especially tech interviews, the more comfortable you become. It’s all about the broad concepts, not the fun facts of technology. It’s actually a really rewarding experience and you can learn a lot.

What’s your best memory at FreshWorks?

There’s no specific memory, but it usually involves when we’re all together. So either celebrating a win, or demo days, or one of our office parties, but usually when we can de-stress and get to know each other.

What’s your favourite thing about working at FreshWorks:

Definitely the creative freedom and the mentorship program.

What did you do before FreshWorks?

My background is in biochemistry and I always imagined myself working in the health or nutrition field, but my previous role was very boring and I wasn’t really being challenged. So I could either go back to school to pursue health and nutrition or switch fields completely. That kind of led me on a journey to figure out what I really wanted to do, which led me to Lighthouse Labs and code review camp.

What’s the coolest new thing in technology?

I would definitely say AI. I think it’s incredibly impressive what computers are able to do. From self-driving cars to Alexa and Echo. It’s very impressive.

If you could pick anybody to be your mentor, who would it be?

People may disagree with this, but for me it would be Elon Musk.

What’s your motto?

“It is what it is” or “such is life.”

What does your perfect weekend look like?

It would be either be a weekend with zero plans and I would do whatever I feel in the moment or a weekend where I get away with friends and escape the city and hangout in nature so either backpacking or camping or something along those lines.

What advice would you give your 15 year old self?

University is not your only option. Find something you’re passionate about and pursue that, and learn a skill.

Quickfire Round

Favourite app?

Definitely Shazam. It was the first app I ever downloaded when I got my first phone in 2008.

Favourite blog or news source

Whatever comes up in a Google search.

Favourite podcast

Definitely My favourite Murder. I’m a bit of a crime buff and I find those girls hilarious.

Favourite food

Avocado sushi

Favourite drink


Last movie you watched

Free Solo in IMAX

Last TV show you watched

Grey’s Anatomy with my roommate

Last book you read

The Wealthy Barber

Favourite sport growing up


Favourite card game


Favourite activity outside of work


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