Project Summary

The technologies that supported mine oversight for British Columbians needed to be reimagined.

At the core, interactions and relationships with others systems will derive a platform for shared and accessible data across the Natural Resource Ministries. The previous Mine Management System (MMS) was largely stand-alone and had distinct limitations. It did not support integrated analysis or integrated decision making across the process of mine oversight.

The new system will support the creation of a complex data model that can connect various components of mines. Some examples include consultation information, risk management modelling, spatial data, financial tracking and collecting and physical attributes.

Through coordinated and accessible data, we are working to improve the functionality available to ministry staff, better inform the public on mine status, and improve cross ministry collaboration.

Sprint With Us!

In July 2018, FreshWorks Studio became the first company to be awarded a BC Government contract using the new Sprint With Us procurement process. The new procurement process makes it simpler and faster for British Columbia’s tech companies to do business with the government.


The goal of the project is to use new ideas and emerging technologies to build and improve applications that support regulatory oversight of the mining sector in British Columbia. 

The collaborative team on this project includes members from the BC Government, Sierra Systems and FreshWorks Studio.



MDS is a data-driven initiative designed to replace all existing systems that the Ministries of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources currently use. The systems to replace include: their main system, Mines Management System (MMS); G-drive; and Excel spreadsheets. The project will also modernize other systems across the Natural Resource Ministries.


The technologies that support mine oversight for British Columbians need to be reimagined. This project will replace the legacy Mine Management System (MMS) with a scalable, open source, data driven system using modern and flexible technologies.

The Mines Digital Services (MDS) will have a number of interconnections and relationships to systems across the Natural Resource Ministries and will be important not only to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources but also to inter-agency collaborations across ministries. The future state must be intuitive, and capable of providing meaningful data to relevant stakeholders.


This is the web application with which the Ministry staff will interact. This project will replace many of their existing workflows, systems, and spreadsheets.

The application also provides auditability and scalability that legacy processes cannot offer. It has been created with a data centric approach, with mines at the forefront. The team has been designing and developing what the user needs with an agile approach which allows for small feedback loops and many iterations.


What The Client Is Saying

“They set the precedent for quality code, and our user-friendly design largely comes from their input. The project was complex, but FreshWorks Studio worked well with the internal team. They were communicative, connected, and transparent, and they played an important role in the platform’s success.”

Director, Digital Services, EAO & Mines


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