The Independent Investigations Office (IIO) of British Columbia is a civilian-led police oversight agency responsible for conducting investigations into incidents of death or serious harm that may have been the result of the actions of a police officer, whether on or off duty.

FreshWorks Studio fully redesigned the Independent Investigations Office of BC's  website to improve overall design and usability.

IIO had already been collecting user feedback on the old Wordpress website by the time the project started. Throughout the discovery phase we used that feedback and additional research to solidify the new features in a set of user stories.


The custom WordPress site allows users to easily access relevant information on current and past cases through advanced custom search functionality. Website visitors can sort cases by area, incident classification, agencies involved, and incident year. Security for this website required particular consideration. The site needed to be hosted on government servers and all code needed to be reviewed by their cyber security specialists to ensure that the website was not at risk.


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