July 5, 2022

FreshWorks Studio Joins Forces with EY Canada

The perfect duo does exist…

You read the title right. On July 5th, 2022, FreshWorks Studio joined forces with one of the largest consulting firms in the world – EY Canada. This monumental achievement takes place on the anniversary of our 8th year in business. You know what they say, good things come in pairs. 

This is a win shared by absolutely everyone, our team, our clients, and the nimble team we are joining at EY Design Studio.

The story of FreshWorks Studio

Starting from humble beginnings just a few years ago, our immigrant founders Sam Mod and Rohit Boolchandani operated a tiny square office with second-hand equipment, broken furniture and a diet fueled by $5 foot longs. They had one focus – leverage technology to make a real impact. 

Their goal was to become the largest digital design studio in Canada. The saying goes ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ But how often do people expect to actually hit the moon? Sam and Rohit’s journey would take them much further than either of them could have expected.

Their goals, failures, and successes are now shared and driven by over 100 tech professionals who bought into a dream of impact.

Just a few short years ago FreshWorks Studio was considered a ‘small start-up’ rising through the ranks of the BC tech community. Now, we are recognized for the critical role we have played in Western Canada’s pandemic response. Recently, FreshWorks created the Vaccine Card Verifier in BC, the Critical Worker Benefit in Alberta, and Espri, a digital health app for Telus Health.

441,000 +

Vaccine Verifier Downloads

465 M

Dollars Distributed to Alberta Frontline Workers

40 k

Daily Users of Digital Therapy Tools

What does this mean for our team, clients, and partner?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you will know growth is a constant for us. But how will this big step impact our team, clients and our new partner – EY?

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Our Team

Our Clients

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Our Partner – EY
Our Team

We represent over 100 employees, speak 32 languages, have outgrown three offices and have worked on hundreds of critical impact-driven projects. Each and every person at FreshWorks has created the value that caught the eyes of EY Canada.

It is hard to describe the excitement, eagerness and surprise felt in the office when our leadership team told us that we have a guaranteed seat at the table with one of the ‘big four’ consulting firms.

“I was happily surprised, excited, and proud to hear this news. We have been growing rapidly for years but a move like this is just something you can’t anticipate. I am eager to jump into this exciting next step with the community of folks I come to work with each day”

Arran, Full Stack Developer at FWS

We are FreshWorks Studio – we are the value that EY wanted to partner with. We are excited to step into this next chapter, collaborating with a wider group of clients and technology professionals, together.

Our Clients

We have been honoured to partner with clients in both private and public sectors seeking to modernize their digital services and create remarkable digital experiences for a diverse group of users. Whether they were enterprise or government, our clients all faced a similar question throughout the pandemic – how do we reach our users during such an unpredictable time? 

Our clients have partnered with us in a proactive approach to ensuring the services they design and deliver meet the diverse needs of their users. That’s something we have been honoured to help with. 

Joining forces with EY gives us the opportunity to dramatically expand our service offerings. With EY’s national resources now available to us, we will be able to support clients with artificial intelligence, data analytics, business intelligence and more. 

With a wider breadth of knowledge now available to us, we can develop deeper value within our existing clients and bring leading digital solutions to the entire Canadian market.

Our Partner – EY

EY is one of few firms that needs no introduction. But, Why, EY is something worth sharing. EY was not the first major firm that knocked on FreshWork’s door looking to team up. What was important to our founders was partnering with an organization that truly aligns with the core values of FreshWorks Studio.

EY Canada is working toward creating a better working world, and they have the action to prove it. Through the 2.5 million donated to United Way Canada, the EY Ripples Program, the BlackNorth pledge and having a workforce composed of 50.3% women – EY has a strong commitment to equity and representation.

As a fellow immigrant, Jad Shimaly, CEO, EY Canada, made a special connection with Sam and Rohit as he knows the unique challenges immigrants face and appreciates the unrivalled value that diverse teams can present.

“We’re happy to have found an organization so closely aligned with our culture, purpose and vision — putting people at the centre to deliver exceptional experiences for our team, our clients, and the people interacting with the technology we help create”

Sam Mod, CEO, FreshWorks Studio

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers!

What is EY Design Studio? 

EY exists to create a better working world, helping create long-term value for clients, people and society. EY Design Studio is a nimble practice within the business consulting services that EY Canada brings to the market. 

EY Design Studio’s core offerings are:

Service Design and Research
UI/UX Design
Market Development Pursuits
Digital Experience Strategy and Digital Marketing

What does this mean for the team at FreshWorks? 

When conversations about joining forces began with EY just a few months ago, one thing was abundantly clear. What EY was looking for was not just a brand – it was the enormous value that each team member has brought to the table. Each employee at FreshWorks Studio has a guaranteed and valued seat at EY. 

The Leaders of FreshWorks Studio, Sam, Rohit and Shaun, will also be joining EY as Partners and will be working on the EY Design Studio team.

“Joining the EY Design Studio provides the complementary skills and capabilities that allow us to pursue the vision we’ve always had, creating Canada’s premiere digital agency. We’re stronger together.”

Sam Mod, CEO, FreshWorks Studio

What does this mean for the future of FreshWorks Studio?  

The services FreshWorks Studio provides will either be maintained, or expanded on. We anticipate little to no service interruption for any of our existing clients and the ongoing projects we are partnering with them on. We are eager to be able to leverage the national support of EY Canada to answer new and emerging challenges that our clients face.

Additionally, over the next several months you will begin to see us refer to ourselves as EY Design Studio to reflect the bright future of our relationship with EY Canada.

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