July 8, 2019

FreshWorks Wins Employer of the Year - VIATEC Awards

Employer of the Year

We couldn’t be more excited to take home the award for Employer of the Year at the 2019 VIATEC awards. This award has been a longstanding goal of ours, with our HR dynamic duo working tirelessly to create the ideal work environment for all FreshWorks team members.

Legend has it you can still hear the cries of joy of our HR manager, Shannon Parker, echoing through the halls of the Royal Theatre.

“At FreshWorks, there is a tight bond between team members and a great office culture across all departments.”

– Victoria HQ employee

We’re Hiring!

FreshWorks is growing rapidly. As we take on bigger, more exciting projects we must constantly be on the lookout for great talent.

Full time positions available in Victoria and Vancouver.

Watch the 2019 VIATEC Awards Highlight Reel on Vimeo!

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