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Software Development in Colombia

Our name is FreshWorks Studio, it’s great to meet you. We are one of Canada’s fastest-growing software development companies with a clear focus – creating remarkable digital experiences for our clients.

FreshWorks Colombia is now offering rewarding, challenging, and impactful jobs for the country’s best technology professionals. Competitive salaries, remote-friendly, comprehensive health plans, opportunities to travel to Canada and more – we have your back.

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A Message From Our Founders

A Message From Our Founders


As you join our team, know that we are committed to helping you grow a little every day. We’ll make that happen through challenging work and embracing the uncomfortable. We will strive to inspire you, be inspired by you, and always be learning.


Career Development Program

Career Development Program

You will be paired with a trained mentor. They help you get access to the right resources and opportunities so you can follow your own unique path for professional development and growth.

Skills Requirements for Every Role

We have clearly defined measures of the skills you need to excel in your role. Combined with regular peer feedback and support from your mentor you will always know your goals are within reach.

Clearly Defined Path to Promotion

Mentorship, feedback, and a defined skills matrix are tools to help you get ready for new opportunities. We removed the guesswork in achieving success so you know exactly what to work towards.

Learning and Development Support

Includes subscription access (eg. HBR, UDemy, LinkedIn Learning) and allowances for paid resources and courses. We will also support you to pursue new certifications or professional designations.


Guiding Principles

Leadership starts with self-leadership. If you feel empowered and informed to make more decisions individually, then as a team we will accomplish more in far less time.

Our people are engaged in their work because they can see a part of themselves in the final product. Bringing our best selves to the table is how we create strong, efficient & remarkable digital experiences for our clients.

An empathetic person sees the burden of another and respects that weight as if it were their own. At FreshWorks we share in each others success and joy along with each other’s learnings.

At every turn we want information to be shared openly, broadly, and deliberately. Great communication requires a sender and receiver, we value a balance of speaking and listening.

Loyalty provides ease and comfort to everyone. Got impacted by personal troubles, motivation, or bad luck? Don’t sweat it. As long as these moments are used to learn and develop from, we’ll have your back.

Culture & Benefits

Travel Opportunities to Canada

We are champions of online work, but bringing the team together in one place is an unbeatable experience. You will have the opportunity to visit our beautiful headquarters in Victoria, Canada.

Health Benefits

We have your back with coverage including Mandatory EPS and prepaid medical health insurance for all our team members.

Competitive Compensation

Great work deserves great pay. We offer above-market pay because we know that investing in our people makes a big difference in the work that we do.

Remote-Friendly and Flexible Work Hours

Work from anywhere in the country, with flexible hours that you and your team decide between Monday-Friday each day.

Vacation, Holidays and Wellness Days

3 weeks of annual vacation, additional paid leave from Christmas to New Year, and 5 paid wellness days each year.

Ergonomic WFH Setup

Comfort is key. We offer a variety of equipment as well as a $1.000.000 COP stipend to make sure your home office setup is comfortable and effective.

Project Diversity

Our teams work on different projects every 3-12 months empowering you to try new things and spread your wings.

Regular Hackathons

A lot of crazy ideas end up being great ones. We encourage you to explore new ways to create remarkable digital experiences – even if you’re not a developer!


Social Impact

250,000 +

mental health support resources shared

441,000 +

vaccine verifier app downloads

465 M

dollars distributed to critical workers in Alberta

2,000,000 +

citizens accessing services through BC Services Card


daily users of cognitive behavioural therapy tools


youth clinic appointments completed with Foundry

We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the health and digital government space. We are proud to have:

BC Premier John Horgan, Minister Beare, and provincial CIO, CJ Ritchie, learning how FreshWorks is making life easier for British Colombian’s and modernizing digital government.

   Created several critical COVID-19 response applications

   Delivered the digital identity app used by all BC citizens

   Helped build virtual clinics to support youth and first responders

   Modernized the system used for mining industry oversight in BC

   Increased access to medical and mental health resources

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

EDI is about capturing the uniqueness of the individual; creating an environment that values and respects individuals for their talents, skills and abilities to the benefit of the collective.


What does EDI look like here?

EDI Team —

We are proud to have an EDI committee crafting strategy and policy that helps our organization become more inclusive and equitable for everyone.

Diversity in Recruitment —

To hire amazing people we strive to remove unconscious biases from our recruitment process. Our diversity goals and equitable interviewing practices help create a more inclusive team.

Our focus on EDI helped make us the #15 fastest growing company in Canada last year


Our team represents 19 countries, 31 languages, and 95 unique individuals.
We hire talented people from around the world and are proud of the global perspective that gives us.




Don’t see the exact position that you’re looking for?
You might just be the new team member we didn’t know we needed.

Send us an email and Let’s Chat!

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Is there a tech rockstar in your network that should be on our team? Send us a referral and we’ll write you a cheque for $1,000 if they get the job.

Is there a tech rockstar in your network that should be on our team? Send us a referral and we’ll write you a cheque for $1,000 if they get the job.




Our people have created amazing culture from the ground up. Our team has a shared value for commitment, collaboration, humility, resourcefulness and excellence.
Read what team members are saying about their work.