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Our summer is heating up, we hope yours is too! Here's the latest from our team this May.

Fluent Design System

Kevin, our lead designer, is excited about the release of Microsoft's Fluent Design System, which provides a sort of styling guide for use across many device types. As app designers, we strive to find the balance between a unified brand and UI experience, with native UX and cues from respective devices. This is the next generation of common languages that even makes a foray into the world of AR - something we find especially exciting as we continually learn with the office Hololens. Come visit us to try it out, Kevin always keeps it charged up. 

WannaCry Kill Switch

As you may know, the largest security breach of 2017 came in the form of a Trojan demanding bitcoin to unencrypt hostage information on more than 200,000 Windows machines. How did Marcus Hutchins, the 22-year old blogger aka MalwareTech, discover the WannaCry 'kill switch'? Read his awesome blog entry (but first, update your Windows machines). 

We Need Your Help!

Our wonderful CEO Samarth is one of 75 finalists for RBC's Top 25 Immigrant Awards. When you meet Sam, you're bound to feel his genuine warmth, passion and interest in you, as he loves to help solve problems. Despite a mountain of challenges, he and Rohit have diligently persevered in building the relationships and reputation necessary to get this company off the ground in a highly competitive market. They're now able to offer opportunity to a quickly expanding number of developers in the Victoria area, and they're also always up to share their hard learned advice to immigrant and domestic entrepreneurs alike. Please follow the link to see Sam's bio and cast your vote; voting is closed May 22nd.

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VIATEC Awards - Friday June 2 4:30PM

We are extremely honoured to be a Finalist for Startup of the Year!

Stay Tuned:

Our blog series to introduce you to our team members is launching soon, and we have a huge announcement next month regarding a fresh take on FreshWorks!