Our 5 Year Journey

5 Years!

On July 4th of 2014, Sam and Rohit started AirSenze Solutions.

The company was built on iBeacon technology, and fuelled on Subway special $5 Foot-longs. Over the last 5 years, their entrepreneurial journey has seen a lot. Some rebrands, some mistakes, some learnings, and some big dreams being reached. From AirSenze to FreshWorks, we have grown to a team of 61 employees, and have had the opportunity to make an impact with our work.

Here is a brief look at the last 5 years:



  • Sam & Rohit founded AirSenze on July 4th as a Product Company

  • Launched the app BoatSenze in August, but fails with only 10 downloads

  • An investment allowed them to keep the dream alive a little while longer.

AirSenze Logo Transparent copy.png


  • Started experimenting with developing apps for other companies, pivoting the company to a service model. Our first clients included:

  • Vancouver International Wine Festival

  • Ministry of FLNR

  • ChatterBlock

  • Hired first employee in Dec 2015



  • Rebranded from AirSenze to FreshWorks Studio

  • Hit #8 in Clutch’s Top 10 list of market leaders in app development

  • Gained more traction in Vancouver

  • Reached 10 employees by the end of the year



  • FreshWorks opened an office in Vancouver 

  • Reached 34 employees by the end of the year

  • Hit #3 in Clutch’s Top 10 list of market leaders in app development



  • Got first client in the US

  • Opened Seattle office

  • Won Canadian Business Startup 50 

  • Hit #2 in Clutch’s Top 10 list of market leaders in app development

  • Reached 50 employees by the end of the year



  • Hit #2 in Clutch’s Top 10 list of market leaders in app development.

  • Selected winner as VIATEC’s Employer of the Year

  • CEO Sam Mod named one of RBC’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants

  • Awarded Growth Company of the Year at the BC Tech TIA’s

  • Currently at 61 employees!


The Next 5 Years

  • We are excited to give back to our community with more public work like BC Gov Directory and BC Highways.

  • FreshWorks will make more apps (and experiences) that have a positive social impact, like UseSafer and Mindshift. There are several projects in the works already which we are excited to share in the coming months.

  • With any luck, we will have the chance to make just as many mistakes, and learn just as many lessons. Without sacrificing an ounce of quality in our work, we intend to take the experience FreshWorks has gained and apply it to creating remarkable digital experiences for influential organizations across North America and - hopefully - the world. Onward and upward!

Thanks for celebrating with us! 🎉