Island Millennials Sweeping Award Season!


Spring on the island brings many welcome sights after a long winter - the cherry blossoms lining our streets, the cheerful pinks and blues of a Dallas road sunset, and the sight of all our shiny new awards! Between all this nice weather and the recognition from our peers, our team is feeling certified Fresh™.

This month we had the honour of being included in Douglas Magazine’s 10 Companies to Watch winners. As young people, we feel so lucky to be included in such an awesome list of companies around town, and want to extend our congratulations to the other nominees for 2017.

Our office has a super relaxed dress code of t-shirts and sneakers, so it was pretty fun to get suited up for the event. Sam and Rohit have been rocking a James Bond vibe this month, what do you think?

Douglas Magazine hasn’t been the only one to notice us though, we had to brush off the tuxedos again the following week to attend the Chamber of Commerce’s Great Victoria Business Awards Gala, held at the beautiful Fairmont Empress. We’re delighted to announce we won for Best New Business this year! The event was a blast (although it was admittedly pretty tough waking up the next day after such a long night). Our team was so excited to wake up to the news, we celebrated over danishes in the morning.

Meanwhile, Sam has been a shortlisted for a handful of other awards - Top 20 Under 40 and the SBBC’s Best Immigrant award. He didn’t win these two, but we were pretty proud to see his name among so many other impressive candidates. He’s also up for RBC’s Top Immigrant award, along with 25 other finalists. You can vote for him!

Two years ago when Sam and Rohit founded our company, they had no idea they’d one day be sweeping the awards season! What, exactly is the secret to our recipe for success? Afterall, we’re basically just a bunch of a kids at the end of the day.

Well, it’s really not a secret that all our success is due to our amazing team. We’re small, but mighty! The average age in our office is 25 - that says a lot about the power of youthful enthusiasm . Every single one of our team was hand-picked for their energy, talent and most, of all, for their passion for cutting-edge technology. We believe that young people, especially Millennials, have so much more to offer than just be the butt of an ageist joke: you won’t find a more hard-working, dedicated or excited group of people in the whole city! Luckily we’re more a family than a company, because we spent almost every day at the office building cool stuff for our clients.

We retain 100% of the development process in house, and with such a small team that means everyone works with everyone, on everything! An app ecosystem (frontend, backend, UI/UX) starts it’s life after having an initial requirement gathering phase and contract. We engage our recently hired Client Success Manager Hazen, who identifies business’ goals, problems and makes sure that journey is managed properly. Our Business Analyst Emma dives into solving those problems and mapping an app’s technical specification document. Then, our Project Managers Tristan and Bre take over to ensure a spotless delivery using project management tools like JIRA.

Our development team is hugely talented - they wake up every day hoping for a new challenge to tackle. We have teams for each ecosystem we work with: iOS is made up of Michael, Spencer and Dawson, Android is handled by Aidan, Justin and Jeff. Jeff also doubles as one of our full stack web developers, with Ryan, Kyubin, Jaegar and Dawson. You can imagine the iPhone vs Pixel debates we’ve had!

Rhys & Avery, our QA, swoops in at the end of a project to ensure every line of code is perfect - we don’t ship anything we aren’t proud of. Come to our office any weekend to see the passion and dedication these guys bring to the table every day - we are very proud of what we’ve helped build, but the real kudos for this month’s success goes to them.


The Next Big Thing (NBT) for us is our brand new Hololens, which we definitely did not order to play games with (well, maybe a little). We’ve tasked our team with developing new apps for the next generation of devices, and they’ve stepped up the challenge. We can’t wait to launch our first AR app this summer!

Well, that’s a wrap for April. As we mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve been nominated for Startup of the Year with VIATEC. The awards show is in June, can’t wait to see everyone there!