Native apps Vs. Mobile Web apps

How do you decide between the native applications or mobile web applications?

The ultimate decision comes down to the set of features that your customers will use on their mobile devices. Each platform has its own draws, but as Warren Buffet would say, “delight your customer.” 

The mobile applications are increasing becoming just a qualifier to maintain the status quo amongst the competition. In addition to that, the mobile applications are an additional approach to express, connect and engage with the customer in a non-abrasive form to get the core message across.

Sidney, Australia is experimenting with installing pedestrian lights into the pavement to reduce the number of accidents caused by people walking into cars while being distracted by their phones. This highlights that there is a systematic shift in how much time we spend on our mobile phones and how we have embraced them in our day to day life.

What are the benefits of the native app?

The answer comes down to what are your requirements? Who is the targeted demographics? The native apps are a great customer retention and a service tool which can put you ahead of your competition and offer a differentiated customer experience. If the customer satisfaction is the goal, the native apps are hands down the best way to go. The native apps have the advantage in terms of relative ease of use, instant availability, and higher exposure. Also, the app can be further optimized to make use of the distinct features available on the mobile devices. Push notifications, integrations with the contact list and device root function are some of the examples of the features that would result in providing the rich user experience. 

The native app in conjunction with the experiential marketing solution is integral to the success of the brand and the app itself . The mobile users are spending an incredible amount of time using different apps on their phone. Therefore, the onus is on the app developer to create a user-friendly interface and interactive app designs which hooks the customers into coming back to their apps. The chart below further highlights the feature differentiation between a native and a web apps.

What are the benefits of the mobile web app?

The mobile web apps, on the other hand, will again largely depends on the customer requirements. Mobile web apps could serve as a training ground for the company to gauge the customers' interest in their product or an idea. Considering the migration from desktop computers to the handheld devices, It is critical to put out a mobile app or a web app which is responsive and optimized for the device platform. The biggest advantage of the multi-platform mobile web app is that it can run on any device regardless of the operating system. The web app can target much higher number of the users compared to a native app on a specific platform. The development time of building mobile web apps is considerably less than creating a native app for the different platforms which definitely does translate into some cost saving. Although a mobile web app is available on every platform, but controlling user experience across different platforms is a whole different ballgame and it leaves a lot to be desired. 

With the introduction of the Android instant app functionality from Google, indexing mobile app information into the different search engine will open up a plethora of app marketing and exposure options. One highly discussed benefit is the ability to access the apps without ever needing to download the applications. Search engine optimization of the apps will no longer will be a pipeline dream in the distant future, but a real possibility in the next few months.

There is an unbelievable amount of innovations happening in this space at an incredible pace. New and improved technology are constant redefining how we can address a certain business problem. 

In the end, the decision will hinge on what different set of features on your mobile app or native app will provide the kind of customer interaction and engagement that you envision. Feel free to drop us a line or send us an email to discuss which would provide better ROI for your company as we have mobile apps and web apps expertise all under one roof.