How much does it cost to develop an app?

Software development cost is a very important factor for the entrepreneurs. The project costing is the biggest deciding factor besides the good references to choose an IT development partner. Due to the intricate nature of technical complexities and deliverables involved in the process, “one price fits all” pricing strategy does not work too well. In short, my professional answer is “It depends”. It depends on the client specifications, the timelines, and the requirements.

The discussions often lead to the second question, what happens if the app fails to take off? We understand the value of money management in the early stages of the startup as we were there not too long ago. We are one of the biggest stakeholders in the future success of our clients. To explore the viability and feasibility of their idea, we advise our clients to develop a deeper understanding of the target customer base and get a feel of the broader market requirements during the app development process. Successful and happy clients are the backbone and the key to our long-term success.

To assist with the marketing efforts, we have developed a phase centric software development process which minimizes our client’s upfront investment and risk. Market research, including customer interaction is critical for the success of the mobile application. 

We follow an agile and a phase centric development approach that starts with the development of MVP (minimal viable product); further software development is guided by analysis of the software interaction and feedback by its early adopters. The resulting deliverables for each phase make excellent inputs to the marketing campaign. 

Phase 0 — Discovery Phase: (Very Very Important)

We work with the client to clearly define the requirements and draw out the project workflow. The phase ensures that our clients have a concrete and a written resource document to work with. We, at FreshWorks Studios, do not commit to any project without an SRS document.

Phase 1 — UI & UX design:

At this stage, the focus shifts on to the look and feel of the software - i.e graphics, interactions, flow and colour scheme etc. We deliver clickable wireframes and detailed photoshop/illustrator designs as part of this phase.

Wireframes can be used to showcase app functionality without the need of any backend/server interaction. Phase 1 is very critical for our clients in terms of getting real market feedback on their next big idea.

After this phase, our clients can make a decision whether they want to go ahead with the full blown development, or if they wish to revisit the initial project scope.

Phase 0 and 1 are a small investment to better understand the feasibility and viability of the idea. Although, we are yet to experience a client pulling the plug at this stage, but the option is still available.

Phase 2 — Development Phase:

Jumping straight into the meat - it is the most extensive and laborious part of the entire app development process. The development phase includes making choice of the Backend, Architecture design, Data structure design, and software coding. During the downtime, We recommend our clients (startups) to start implementing their desired marketing campaigns while we work tirelessly to finish the app development.

Phase 3 — QA & Testing:

This is one of the times when we celebrate and encourage finding bugs as it improves the overall usability of the app. We also encourage our clients to do a self UAT (user acceptance testing) and pass on the beta build to their friends and family.

The beta version is a tangible product which is very close to the final version of the app. Ideally, now is the time to scale up marketing and generate excitement around the app launch.

Phase 4 — App store/Play store:

Last but not the least, the mobile application is added on to the Apple app store or/and Google play store. The client takes over the ownership of the app, profiles and licenses. We provided three months of FREE technical support to our customers post product delivery.