3 Ways to Promote Organic App Growth: Lessons from the BCHighways App

We are humbled that Minister Virk (BC's Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services) had this to say about our BCHighways App:

Government’s BC Developers’ Exchange has shared government data with [AirSenze/FreshWorks] and now they’ve developed an easy to use app that will help motorists get where they need to go and avoid traffic hangups along the way.
Samarth Mod (Co-Founder and CEO of AirSenze/FreshWorks) with the Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services

Samarth Mod (Co-Founder and CEO of AirSenze/FreshWorks) with the Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services

We're very proud of these apps and the minister's comments but to be completely honest, when we decided to build the BCHighways App for iOS and Android, we were mostly looking for an opportunity to show off our mobile app development expertise. Since we had no intention on monetizing the app (we still don't), we didn’t plan on any app-specific marketing efforts.

We certainly don't recommend skipping over marketing efforts for any mobile app venture. A strong communication plan will deliver downloads and engagement beyond what organic app growth can achieve on its own. But since we aren't looking to monetize the BCHighways app, this experiment has helped us better understand what happens when you build something useful and attractive without paying for the publicity.

Here are three takeaways from the experience:

1. Define a market.

We are the first to admit that we didn’t introduce a completely novel concept here.  DriveBC already offers a mobile-optimized website with similar travel information. The BCHighways Apps ended up a success because we knew there was a market and we knew it wasn't being properly served. By talking with BC MOTI and BC MTICS, we discovered that a good deal of DriveBC's traffic was mobile but users couldn't take full advantage of the hardware options their smart devices offer. By putting these two together, we knew there was an opportunity for developing a mobile app.

2. Get your Competitor's Feedback.

The next step was to see what was already available in this space. Luckily, there were already a number of competitors with populated ratings and reviews. Having competitors isn't necessarily a bad thing in the mobile app realm. It provides evidence of an established market and, more importantly, you can use their feedback to build requested features and enhancements into your app. We did this by introducing favoriting, Apple Watch/Apple TV compatibility and layered map views.

3. Build it Well.

Build it well and they will come. This holds true with mobile apps but there is an important caveat here - you have to build mobile apps with great designs, architecture and features to get reviews like this:

Unsolicited Review.png

Apple and Google’s mobile app search algorithms reward good work and punish apps with poor reviews. So if your mobile app is useful and functional, you'll slowly start climbing your way up the search ladder regardless of whether you've paid for ad space or not. Getting higher on the list means you'll find more users, get more downloads and more great reviews. Thanks Bryan!

We are all pleasantly surprised to find that our app was being downloaded and actively being used by 1,700 users in its first few months.

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FreshWorks Featured in Times Colonist

Top mobile app developers just got a fresh mention in Victoria's Times Colonist!

You can read all about how FreshWorks came to be one of Canada’s top mobile app development studios (rated by Clutch.co, a technology-research firm and software developer review site) by clicking below:


Photograph by Darren Stone, Times Colonist

Photograph by Darren Stone, Times Colonist

The article provides insight into how the founders' met their first clients. For aspiring start-ups, it’s a great story of how devoted networking helps you stumble into the right people.

The article focuses on how the pair reeled in one of their first clients and investors. 

By spending late nights combing through social media, Samarth ended up posting a comment that caught the CEO of ChatterBlock's attention. After proving their capabilities and creating ChatterBlock's Android mobile app, DeGreef decided to join Freshworks as an investor and advisor. Here’s what he had to say about Rohit and Samarth:

     James Degreef

     James Degreef

Rarely do you find more than one guy who is really awesome [in a company], but I found two who had worked together a long time and had complementary skills. Both were very smart and strategic and both were hustlers.

The article continues on to highlight FreshWorks' more recent successes and plans for future growth. A gracious thank you to Andrew Duffy for coming in and listening to our story. And finally, a big thanks to Clutch for interviewing our clients and featuring us in the top mobile app developers in Canada.


If you or anyone you know has an idea for a mobile app, feel free to get in touch by emailing us at contact@freshworks.io

FreshWorks in top 10 Canadian App Development Companies by Clutch

Clutch, a ratings firm that uses validated client reviews as the staple in their evaluation process, highlighted FreshWorks Studio as a leader among Canadian App Development firms.

We’re excited to have been included in their 2016 update and were happy to see what some of the FreshWorks Studio’s clients had to say. Here are a few quotes below:

"We were able to communicate directly to the design and development team. Some of the other companies we have worked with had too many management layers."
— Vice President, Digital Marketing Firm
"FreshWorks Studio has an exceptional knowledge base for mobile computing and social media tools, and I found they’re delivery capabilities to be superb."
— Owner, Independent Consulting Firm

In Clutch’s evaluation process they dive into multiple factors including the studio’s caliber of clients, type of apps, cost-effectiveness, and the development platforms.

On all these factors we received high marks from our clients: You can learn more about PetComm and their social community for pet owners by going to their website.


Download the app for iOS here.

Check out all of FreshWorks Studio's Reviews or learn more about how we were evaluated by taking a look at Clutch and their press release.

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