Bereavement Leave

FreshWorks is committed to supporting its employees during difficult times surrounding death. This policy provides employees with the information they need to understand bereavement leave and what benefits may be available to them.

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In accordance with the BC Employment Standards Act, an employee is entitled to up to 3 days of unpaid leave on the death of a member of the employee's immediate family.

If cases of the death of a first degree relative, an employee is entitled to up to 2 days of paid leave.

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The company requests that employees provide notification to Human Resources as soon as practical on the death of a family member. Employees must input their bereavement days into Collage within one working day of their leave.

If additional leave days are needed, Human Resources will consider an agreement for the employee to use either Vacation Leave or Unpaid leave. Please review the Vacation Leave Policy for more information.

Notifying HR

An immediate family member is defined under the BC Employment Standards Act as:

  1. the spouse, child, parent, guardian, sibling, grandchild or grandparent of an employee, and
  2. any person who lives with an employee as a member of the employee's family;

A first degree relative is defined as a spouse, parent, sibling, or child.


All FreshWorks policies are living documents. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for revision regarding this policy, please contact Human Resources at

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Established October 27, 2017


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This policy applies to all employees of FreshWorks Studio Inc.