Android & Google Developer

Who We Are

FreshWorks Studio is a Victoria, BC-based startup that specializes in delivering mobile and web applications. We work with both public and private sector organizations on a range of project sizes - from apps for BC HighWays & the City of Victoria, to our latest commercial contracts with leading BC companies & Harbour Air. We are a family of innovators, creators and engineers, having come together from different cultures and countries. Our office is a place where we’re free to experiment with the coolest, most cutting-edge technology. We are a company that is sharing its passion and expertise to help others thrive in the digital future. We are building a community that creates smart and elegant mobile applications, seamless product strategies, responsive web applications, and story-driven user experiences for bold entrepreneurs. We don’t ask for years of experience, because it’s not about how long you’ve been practicing a skill, it’s how well you do it.

The Job

You’ll be developing Android applications for us, some of which are developed in tandem with iOS and/or web components - so teamwork is essential. Your primary responsibility is ensuring the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications is up to FreshWorks’ standards of excellence.

You should have a solid understanding of the basics like Android SDK, Android support library, and Gradle, and a strong grasp on Java and/or Kotlin. Generating  APKs should be no problem for a wizard like you!

Google’s Material design principles and interface guidelines should be second nature to you. Being able to build complex XML layouts based on wireframes/designs that properly scale on multiple screen sizes is a must.

You’ll be working with backend services like Firebase or custom RESTful APIs (created by our web team) and using services provided by  Google and Facebook. Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning is an asset.

We work on both public and private contracts, so a good understanding of networking code, or securing user data is important. You should know when to use encryption and other security measures.

You have experience with popular third party libraries such as RxJava2, RetroFit, Realm, and ButterKnife.

What You Need

  • A completed or in progress BS/MS in Computer Science or related discipline. Diploma certificates are also okay!

  • Writing and understanding OOP concepts and MVP or MVVM architecture.

  • A strong work ethic - we are a startup and quite literally every minute of our time counts.

  • Experience working in an Agile environment.

  • Please share at least one successfully deployed app on the Play store with us in your application.

Nice To Haves

  • Unit Testing!

  • Experience working on Slack, Git, JIRA, Google Apps.

  • Excellent foosball or Xbox skills.

Why You Should Pick Us

Beanbag chairs. An awesome work environment where your voice matters. Flexible hours. Snacks. Opportunity to work on career-making projects.

These are just a few reasons to want to join the FreshWorks family.

We are collaborative, client focused, fun loving, tenacious and have a perfectionist streak. Heck, our wifi code is excellence - come try it out if you don’t believe us. We’re massively expanding, 2 to 25 in less than a year and we’re about to move to a much larger office with extra seats for amazing people like you!

What does an expanding team mean? It means you get the opportunity for internal advancement as we grow. It means you can come in as web and learn some mobile, start junior and learn to lead, or join as a designer and end up in project management. We’re starting to put in whole rewards systems like coffee programs, name your vacation, pick your passions, and the opportunity to get involved in courses and conferences to network and expand your skills.

Salary commensurate with experience.