December 6, 2019

The Clutch Global Ranking is Here - And We're On It!

Clutch, the data-driven field guide to business buying decisions, announced the Global Top 1000 on Monday and we cracked the top 100 this year. It was the hard work from our team and our clients that made the climb from #166 last year to #78 on the 2019 Clutch Global Top 1000 possible.

“It truly is incredible what a team of dedicated and passionate people can accomplish within a year. We’ve had some great projects, including assisting parts of the BC Government with the digital transformation and working with some well-known private organizations such as Harbour Air” says Rohit, FreshWorks co-founder and COO.

“I am so proud of everything our team has accomplished in the last year, but it also goes without saying that we’re very thankful to our great clients who took time out of their busy lives to be interviewed by one of the Clutch analysts and provide a reference,” adds Sam, co-founder and CEO.

Check out what some of our clients have to say about us here.

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