August 10, 2017

August FreshWord: FreshWorks is Fourth in Canada

Since its inception in January of 2016, FreshWorks Studio (previously AirSenze Solutions) has done nothing but grow, both in size and rank. Once a mere dream of two wide-eyed but determined UVIC graduates, FreshWorks has become a local success story, now comprised of 25+ employees and series of accolades in the form of continuous award nominations and national recognition in the tech industry.

We’re Fourth in Canada!

Just this July, (a well known research company who specializes in identifying leaders in the software field) released its Leaders Matrix of Top Canadian App Development Companies, and ranked FreshWorks Studio fourth overall! This is based on market presence, portfolio, and client satisfaction (you can view the link to the full matrix here).

Clutch focuses not only on companies who excel in their product delivery, but those who offer excellence in professional services, and those who satisfy a variety of other metrics. As they state on their website, Clutch finds companies who “stand out from the sea of mediocre competitors” and do more than just deliver great products, so you can imagine our excitement when we first heard the great news.

We’re so thankful to our past clients who have taken the time to provide feedback and rank us and have sung our praises! They share in the success as much as our passionate young team, and we’re so happy that they’ve spoken so highly of us and our services.

Top 10 of Top 25 Mobile App Development Companies in Canada

Within the same week, Instabug (an in-app feedback and bug reporting software development kit with a growing social media presence), also released its list of the Top 25 Mobile App Development Companies in Canada, ranking FreshWorks in the Top 10! We landed in spot number eight (the full list can be found at this link).

Here at the office we celebrated these two victories amidst a flurry of Hey-Y’alls, coupled with copious rounds of foosball, and some great Friday tunes.

This August, FreshWorks Studio’s Victoria office also has plans to move down into the spacious first floor office of 736 Broughton Street. With multiple interviews everyday and new client meetings appearing left and right, it’s only fitting that this expanding company finds a new home to suit its growing family.

But don’t mistake our move downstairs as a reflection of the direction of our dreams – here at FreshWorks, there is nowhere to go but up!

If you are a company looking for the right partner to develop your app, look no further! Contact us at and let’s help you build something amazing for your business and your clients.


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