June 28, 2016

How Your Business Longevity is Increasingly Tied to Mobile

Samarth Mod |


As expected, the mobile web traffic is growing exponentially, beginning to compete with desktop web traffic. What does this mean for your business?

Every day, more people are using their mobile devices to seek information, consume news, shop online and more. Therefore, It is critical to incorporate an enhanced mobile strategy to your company’s long term vision to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Moving from Web to mobile

A web presence is paramount for a company to communicate their vision, and connect and engage their end users.  If your business happens to be rooted in sales or retail, eCommerce also begins to be particularly important, as online shopping continues to surge.  Therefore, most businesses have already allocated or planned set budget for their web presence.

Mobile traffic is the new cool kid in town who is getting all the attention for the right reasons but, as a business owner, you may be struggling to stay relevant with the rapidly changing trends and tech. With a large number of the users migrating to a mobile platform, it is more important than ever to plan and allocate resources appropriately to stay ahead of the competition. You may need to start considering allocating part of your budget into a mobile strategy.

It pays to get ahead

First-mover advantage in the mobile space can completely turn the existing market on its head. Uber and AirBnB are the classic examples of the disruption in long-standing (taxi and hotel) industries which were traditionally bogged down with the excessive regulations and the barriers to entry.

Now that the focus is shifted to everything mobile, how do companies make sure their strategies align with the long-term vision and goals of their company so that don’t get left behind like the taxi industry? And what’s more, how do you choose between the web apps or native phone apps?

In terms of web vs native apps, the ultimate decision will come down to the set of features that your customers will use on their mobile devices (you can read all about the differences between the two in one of our earlier blogs).

How FreshWorks Can Help

FreshWorks Studio, with our extensive experience in the mobile apps ecosystem, can help guide your company or brand to redefine technology strategies and align your company’s vision and mission.

In the future, the quality of the app will be a big differentiator amongst the those competing for more attention and business. At FreshWorks Studio, we focus on app quality, which enables us to help individuals and businesses stand out of the crowd with on-demand scalability and an end-to-end solution to meet your timelines and needs.

Our portfolio of the web apps and the mobile apps is largely design driven to connect and engage the customers to increase their time spent on our apps. This directly translates to higher revenue and improved customer experience for your company. You can see the quality of work reflected in our case studies or read client reviews directly on our site.

Everything mobile is the obvious end-game in the not-so-distant future. For the time being, the business who position themselves are to incorporate mobile into their overall company strategy will be better positioned to rank ahead of the competition when all the dust settles.

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