May 20, 2016

Newbie's First Week at FreshWorks Studio

Samarth Mod |


April 27, 2017 was my first day at FreshWorks Studio. My excitement to work for an innovative tech company is undeniable due to my love for new apps and gadgets in general. In my quest for new knowledge and understanding, finding a company ready to challenge me on a daily basis was important to me and my career goals. My fascination is not just limited to playing with the new gadgets and mobile apps, but also to tearing down and putting back different devices – and now I get paid to do something similar on a daily basis!

It was my personal interest in learning how things work and remaking them that drove me to work at FreshWorks Studio for the summer. As I told my friends about my decision, there was a unanimous approval that I had finally found my calling.

During the interviews, there was a common theme that everyone had to take ownership of their work. There is a lot of autonomy, and you are expected to make decisions with good conscience and integrity. I am told that my summer experience will be a learning adventure. Playing with different gadgets and new apps is just happens to be an added perk of the job.

FreshWorks Launches Officially

Friday, April 29, 2016, was the official launch party of FreshWorks Studio, a cross-platform mobile app development company right here in Victoria, BC.

For FreshWorks, the official launch was a great opportunity to recognize individuals who helped the company get off the ground. For me, it was a chance to connect with the existing and the future clients, in addition to industry partners – in other words, I hit the ground running and began to develop my network pretty much on Day One.

James DeGreef was the MC for the night – and he was phenomenal, peppering the night with a few of his favourite expressions: “zzingg and aaawwwweeesssome” while gesturing wildly with his hands.  You could tell he was excited for FreshWorks and brought great energy into the room.

Competition and Team Building

The night included a Beer Pong championship with up to 6 different tables going at once and prizes ranged from $2500 to $1000 worth of app development for the top three teams. Everyone at the event got split up into the teams of two. Teams were knocked out of the tournament when they lost two games. With so much at stake, there were many ultra-competitive games.

The shenanigans ranged from the cake to the face, bribes to the referees, jumping and pushing people out of the way to snatch Beer Pong balls away from their competition.

We also had some hybrid games where beer was switched with water so everyone could partake in the madness. I thought that the evening lived up to the hype!

Emil ludick and his partner were the champions of the night. They barely edged out our own intern Aidan Laing and Don Wharton. Aidan is excited to work on his android app for the next couple of weeks while his liver gets a well-deserved break. Congratulations to the winners. James and a few others were left licking their chops and are already planning a rematch. Stay tuned!!

As the dust settled, it was one of my favorite nights of the year so far. Company sponsored beer Pong tournament on the third day exemplifies that we at FreshWorks are all about working hard and playing even harder.

Thank you to everyone that came out and made this such a successful event!

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