September 27, 2016

The Times Colonist Features FreshWorks Studio

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Victoria’s Times Colonist recently ran a feature on FreshWorks Studio and we’re so honoured to be recognized for our hard work right in our own community.

You can read all about how FreshWorks came to be one of Canada’s top mobile app development studios (as rated by by checking out the full story here.

Photograph by Darren Stone, Times Colonist

The article sheds some light on how the founders’ met their first clients and grew their modest business from right here on Vancouver Island. For aspiring local tech start-ups, it’s a great story of how devoted networking helps you connect with the right people.

The article also focuses on how the pair reeled in one of their first clients and early investors, sharing insight into how the founders “sold” their services and their unique selling points in an industry full of great developers and creatives.

Here’s how it started: by spending late nights combing through social media, Samarth ended up posting a comment that caught the CEO of ChatterBlock’s attention. That’s right: a cold comment on social media lead to a client!

After proving their capabilities and creating ChatterBlock’s Android mobile app, DeGreef was so impressed by the results and the hard work, he decided to join FreshWorks as an early investor and advisor. Here’s what he had to say about Rohit and Samarth:

“Rarely do you find more than one guy who is really awesome [in a company], but I found two who had worked together a long time and had complementary skills. Both were very smart and strategic and both were hustlers.”

The article also takes time to highlight FreshWorks’ more recent successes and the founders’ plans for future growth both in Victoria and beyond.

A gracious thank you to Andrew Duffy for coming in and capturing the FreshWorks startup story. And a big thanks to Clutch for interviewing our clients and featuring us as the top mobile app developers in Canada.

Ready to build your own business app? If you or anyone would like to learn more about FreshWorks Studios, and how we collaborate with clients to create cutting edge tech that serves business purposes and solves problems, feel free to get in touch by emailing us at

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