July 12, 2016

Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience with a Mobile App

Samarth Mod |


Nowadays, mobile applications are becoming a must for any business. Therefore, it is paramount to position the app as an important customer engagement and client acquisition tool.  If you are considering a mobile app as part of your business strategy, you should consider the following three things to enhance and amplify your customer’s digital experience:


One of the most under-utilized feature of a mobile app is the ability to interact and communicate with the end users. Push notifications, in-app messaging, user feeds and SMS make for excellent two way communication opportunities for businesses to communicate with their customers.

For example, business can push out notifications about pop-up sales to their customers to increase the business during the off-peak hours. For a service oriented business, service providers can enhance the user experience by connecting them with company help staff through the applications to reduce downtime for clients. Also, In-app feedback can help further refine what the customers are looking for in the app. This provides an opportunity to incorporate customer feedback into a new and improved digital experience that highlights a business’s receptiveness and commitment to their customers


Understanding and breaking down big data can go a long way to help customize and personalize a great digital customer experience. The data provides a window into how a customer interacts with your app and provides critical insights into where an app fails to engage and where it is surpassing expectations.

Amazon is a great example of customizing and personalizing offerings based on the customer data and preferences.


The gamification of an app is another under-utilized feature which can pay huge dividends for businesses. Gamification can not only engage customers, but also transforms the existing customer base into freelance marketers for the business.

Businesses can create impromptu lively discussions or games which give points to be exchanged for meaningful merchandise down the road. Having a leaderboard can keep track of points and help users compare themselves to other users which evokes a desire to compete and engage. Encouraging and stimulating competition is a great way to foster engagement with a loyal customer base and keep them returning to the app.

These are just a selection of ways a business can engage with their audiences via a mobile app.  As more users flock to mobile for online shopping, news consumption, and general information gathering, finding a way for your business to encourage mobile engagement will lead to greater client satisfaction and outreach opportunities.

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