Who Are We?

FreshWorks Studio is an award winning Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle based firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, entrepreneurs and the public sector to design & develop remarkable mobile, web, blockchain and AI applications. We also provide high quality hyper-nearshoring services to our clients in US which give them all the benefits. 

At the heart of FreshWorks, there is a relentless desire to become the world’s leader in technology services. We are passionate about creating an exceptional client and user experience, supporting our people and communities, and steadily increasing our breadth and depth of service offerings on the cutting edge of technology.


Our Happy Clients

Our key clients:

  1. BC Government  (Ministry of Citizen Services, Mines, EAO, Justice & more)

  2. Enterprise Accounts (BC Hydro, BC Ferries, A Place For Mom, Fraser Health, Harbour Air, Grouse Mountain, BC Assessment, University of Victoria)

  3. Startups & Growing companies (SPAAH, PetVibe, PlayBook Hub, IDG Blockchain)

  4. Partnerships (IBM, CGI, Sierra Systems, PwC, Quartech, EY)

  5. Municipalities (City of Victoria, District of West Vancouver, City of Coquitlam)


Our Awards

Humility is our core value - we don’t go around boasting about our awards or recognition. But we also believe that as our prospective client, partner or employee, you would like to work with a world class organization with a good reputation. Hence, we believe it is important to showcase some of our awards and achievements.

FreshWorks Studio

  • is listed in the Top 3 Canadian App Development companies

  • ranked #30 in the Startup 50 ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies 2018

  • won the Business Examiner "Technology company of the year" award 2018

  • won the Small Business BC "Best Immigrant Entrepreneur" award 2018

  • won the Douglas Magazine 10ToWatch companies of the year in 2017

  • won the Chamber of Commerce New Business award 2017


Who's Talking About Us

We are honoured to be ranked 3rd among Canada's Top App Developers. Clutch is a research firm which provides insight into the technology, marketing, and digital industries. Each company on the list was evaluated by a Clutch analyst on multiple criteria including market presence, portfolio of work, and client satisfaction. You can read the press release here: FreshWorks Studio and view our current ranking here: Top Mobile App Developers Ranking


Our Process

We follow and agile/scrum development standards wherein our entire team participates in daily stand-ups, sprint planning/retrospective and backlog grooming. We find that our collaborative process ensures that each team member a clear understanding of the project work that needs to be completed. Since the developers, UI designers, BAs, QAs etc. sit together and operate as a team, they adopt a shared ownership - a strategy that promotes ongoing communication and continued development with high-performance standards.

Our UI/UX service designers collaborate with Agile BAs (or product owners) to develop a rough prototype of the desired application, including user flow and system interactions. The UI/UX experts are part of the entire development process and they assist developers in understanding requirements/ designs while making UI/UX enhancements as and when needed. They often conduct focus groups with potentials end-users (of the application) to get feedback on the UI/UX designs. Our designers work one sprint ahead of development to conduct research and prepare designs for the next sprint. This ensures that adequate research and feature conceptualization is explored in parallel, including the development of wireframes, designs & prototypes and conducting usability tests with stakeholders. We also build UX analytics into our apps, that help us capture and evaluate user behavior.



Even the most groundbreaking ideas need careful planning and strategic implementation. We will work with you to brainstorm and map your idea, translating your vision into a one-of-a-kind app.


As a crucial step in app development, we create detailed wireframes and outline every function of the application in order to build a rock-solid foundation. 



Unique and beautiful design is vital to your application’s success. Our designers know that better than anybody. That's why we strive to create and implement top design trends to ensure your app stands out. 


In addition to coding and design, our development process involves carefully matching the best technology with iOS, web, Blockchain and Android platforms, and building the architecture of the app. 



Once we build the app, we test its performance rigorously to ensure the user experience is smart, smooth, and flawless. 


The big reveal is an exciting moment that marks the birth of your app and the beginning of its journey into the user community. To set you on the path to success, we will prepare you for launch and guide you through the app store optimization and approval process.

Our development process includes the standard Scrum-recommended meetings:

1. Backlog grooming

2. Sprint planning

3. Daily Scrum

4. Sprint review

5. Sprint retrospective

We use Jira and Confluence to track issues and plan work. During backlog grooming, the product owner (PO) elaborates, if necessary, on the description and acceptance criteria of the issues. The user-story acts a placeholder for a conversation between the PO and the development team, thus it is imperative for PO to remain engaged and available throughout the process. The level of details at this point needs to be high enough that the entire team can understand the purpose and scope of an issue, with a clear direction and an end goal. It is expected that some feature refinements and related details will emerge during the collaborative process that exists between the project team and the PO.

Finally, for issues that could significantly impact the application architecture, the developments starts only after enough details are provided - that can drive an informed choice, with respect to the technology approach and system design. We strongly believe in an agile process, but we are also conscious about the cost of rework. Unless we are building a prototype that may be disregarded in future, we try to define our technical architecture and related details before going too far down on the development path.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) team works with our BA and Design team to document manual testing plans using Zephyr, and these tests become acceptance criteria for development work. Our dev team creates unit tests; component-focused tests verifying that the component contract has been fulfilled. These unit tests run before any push to the git repo and are executed in the CI/CD environment. We run code-coverage analytical tools to verify that our code is comprehensively covered


Our Team

We are all of the following:

  • A family of innovators, creators and engineers, come together from different cultures and countries

  • A place where we’re free to experiment with the coolest, most cutting-edge technology

  • A company that is sharing its passion and expertise to help others thrive in the digital future

  • A community that creates smart and elegant applications, seamless product strategies, responsive web applications, and story-driven user experiences for our clients

FreshWorks Team.JPG

You Need A Partner, Not Just A Developer

We build exceptional mobile applications from our development studio in Victoria, BC. and we take our work seriously. Your success is our business, but we can't make that happen until we hear from you. 

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